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Alaçatı, which is a district of Çeşme İzmir, has a coast on the...

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Bayburt, surrounded by Trabzon and Rize in the North...

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Located in Black Sea Region, Kastamonu embraces...

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Konya, which has been a cradle for various cultures...

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Anatolity Collection




Various colors from tulips to pines, distinctive nature in every region, ancient cities, flamboyant fabrics, fine handicrafts, bazaars, arastas, art galleries, museums, street cats, hands feeding those cats to.



Flow of waterfalls, wuthering of mountains, touching folk songs, saz music, jazz festivals, sound of the spoon in a tea glass, seagulls over Bosphorus, hammer blows of coppersmiths, birds in the uplands of Black Sea, in short, an enormous Anatolian symphony and music to



Lavenders, seas, forests, coffee, smell of bread coming from bakeries, rose harvesting, butter of manti with sauce, marvelous smell of fresh fruits, grape juice, wine, in other words each moment reviving all senses at once to



Turpentine coffee, linden tea, thyme, tomatoes, olive oil, Turkish bagel, cheese, pastry, Turkish pancake made of fresh dough, in other words countless surprising tastes of seven regions from Black Sea to Aegean to



Soil which relieves tiredness, revitalizing salty sea waters, icy cascades, soft silk, velvety flowers, affectionate animals, walls of ancient cities which sheltered thousands of people throughout history to


Lightening the soul YLIFE STYLES


Whatever we have in the visited place’s field and local cuisine; that is what we serve on the table. Whatever you prefer for meal is prepared in its most healthy, organic, authentic yet delicious version.
Scent is the most significant carrier of memories… You can carry your happiest memories home with special design Anatolity scents…
Main objective of art of living is happiness… Anatolity is made for this. No matter what you need, we are as close as a butler, an app, a phone… Just ask…
Culture is the most reliable possession of a person and the most important weapon of a community. It is strength and beauty. It shapes the future. Anatolity Collection is a culture in itself which gives peace and power…
Anatolity Collection is very well aware that art is the best medication of human soul, and the most important cure of communities. Unites and nurtures… Gives peace and spirit. Thus, art of Anatolity Collection builds a bridge between art and you.
Anatolity Collection was not brought to life only as a meticulously designed project including rooms, dining tables, and staff uniforms… But as a complete accommodation design project.
Anatolity Platform
All Anatolia and Anatolity Collection are on one platform… Reservations, information, sharing experiences… Purchasing handmade, organic products on Anatolity Collection Corner to support locality…
Anatolity App
App or digital butler. However, you like to define… For all your requests, questions and programs related to Anatolity Collection…
CO-Working & Learning
The world has become the realm of freedom for digital immigrants who carry around their work. Anatolity Collection is your movable office with its strong internet infrastructure and co-working spaces. It also provides a unique stay with both digital and private workshops for those who fancy learning while recreating themselves…
Do you think what matters for you is private time and space? Just ask; moments and places are ready for you!
A Butler's Touch Only Especially for You
Only especially for you! Your reservations, activity, and entertainment programs in your butler’s trust during your stay. Being in touch with local life, exploring the surrounding area, privacy… Your personal assistant to answer whatever you ask and prepare whatever you want!
Private spaces are designed in consideration of your comfort. Beds, sheets, towels…
Not only cleaning supplies but everything including the bed you sleep in and the towel you use are all made from special patented EOC cotton fabrics specially for you. Antibacterial, antivirus… Special air-cleaning appliances in rooms, ozone machines in shared spaces.
All these can only be realized with love of course! We love you even before we see you because you preferred us. We are expecting you in excitement knowing that you will have loved us back when you leave.…
Not only for our job and each other, but mostly for you!
From The Field to Table
Not just for the sake of conversation, literally from the field to table. Within the scope of our restaurant concept, LOVE, we explore all crops and cooks in the region, and prepare our menus including dishes from immediate vicinity. Zest, contribution to the local, environmental responsibility… All rolled in one.
From The Field to Home
If you like, you can purchase organic products to take them home with you. You can choose to have them sent by cargo or to place an order online through Anatolity Collection platform.
Experience to Field
Having fresh fragrant tastes on your dining table, at the end of a day which you spend touching and feeling the soil and seeds, is a spectacular experience. Depending on the season and the location of Anatolity Collection Art of Living hotel you are staying in, all resources will be at your service thanks to your butler if you like.
Experience The Local
To explore and experience new tourism trends. Whenever you want to join and experience the local culture, your private butler is in charge!
Contribute to The Local
If you want more than just to experience the essence of the region, you can purchase handicrafts, organic products to take them home with you. You can choose to have them sent by cargo or to place an order online through Anatolity Collection platform.
Respect for The Local
Respecting the local culture, traditions, customs, and habits of the destination where it is located is one of the most important criteria for Anatolity Collection!
In Touch With Nature
Whatever the nature offers including mountain, beach, forest, canyon, and river in the regions where Anatolity Collection Art of Living Hotels are located, you will be a part of that nature during your stay.
Contribute to Nature
As Anatolity Collection, we are aware of nature’s enormous significance for a sustainable future and take every step, in light of this awareness. Some visible, some hand in hand with our guest, some in the background for the comfort of both our guests and the nature…
Get To Know Nature
We love and experience nature, but do we really know it. Exclusive activities will get you in touch with nature’s utterly different aspects if you please.
Integrity With Rural Life
Anatolity Collection choses Art of Living Spaces which have stories in rural areas and considers respect to these rural areas as a primary objective doing the best they can, to make contribution to these places..
Life Tree
Huykesen Tree, home of wishes, is a popular tourist haunt in Baksi Village. It is also the charm of Baksi Guest House, which is the first destination of Anatolity Collection. We wanted to spread this charm and wishes around all Anatolity Collection destinations and decided to find the wishing spot in each region. To have our finger in the pie of your wishes!
Rural Experience
Anatolity Collection not only offers comfort but also the opportunity to experience, feel, live this atmosphere if you wish.
Certainly, welcoming our guests in an exquisite spa is our priority. Yet not every Anatolity Collection Art of Living Hotel might have a spa since they are boutique hotels with stories. Still, private butler is at your service to offer opportunities expected from a spa.
Personal Development
Personal Development requires a holistic approach in our opinion. In addition to everything we offered so far, all Anatolity Collection Art of Living Hotels will, periodically, bring you together with experts of Personal Development.
Holistic Therapies
Periodic therapy opportunities from experts to offer Physical and Mental Development. Fitoterapi: Phytotherapy: Healing with Plants, Aromatherapy: Healing with Extracts, Homeopathy: Healing Itself, Naturopathy: Healing with Nature, Hydrotherapy: Healing with Water, Halotherapy: Healing with Salt…
Physical Strength
Provided periodically by experts: Tantra, DMT (Dance Movement Therapy), Tai Chi, Qigong, Conventional Exercises, Pilates, Anti-aging, Weight Control, Detox, Macrobiotic Diet…
Mental Peace
Provided periodically by experts: Massage, Gemstone Therapy, Tantra, Family Constellation, Yoga, Reflexology, Shiatsu…
Team Sports
Come as a team or join one… In nature or in gym… For camping or for pleasure… Watch or join… Just ask, Anatolity Collection is there to make it happen…
Adventure Sports
Joining adventure sports available in destinations where Anatolity Collection Art of Living Hotels are located costs you only a request from your private butler!
Individual Sports
In nature or in gym… Physical or mental… Watch or join… Just ask, Anatolity Collection is there to make it happen…
In destinations where Anatolity Collection Art of Living Hotels are located, either festivals are held or we organize them. You can get information about all festivals before your arrival and participate in any of those thanks to your butler.
Workshops and Trainings
All that we mentioned up to here are among trainings to be executed periodically for Anatolity Collection with excitement and fun! Since it is not all about experience anymore, you want to learn and take home what you experience and feel the pleasure of improvement in your vacation… And so, we offer you what you expect!
An absolute must of a vacation! We have so much fun doing our job that it is impossible for you not to have fun! Whenever you socialize, all your program is on your private butler in an instant.
All codes internalize and defined by Anatolity Collection up to here are based upon experiences! All codes of air, earth, water, fire consist of experiences! Any experience you can dream of is available in Anatolia… And Anatolity Collection has an answer to each… All you have to do is to decide with which memory you want to go back home.

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Anatolity Collection


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Frequently Answer Questions

Turkey, which hosts millions of tourists every year, has implemented pioneering practices to ensure tourists visit Turkey safely during the pandemic. Within this scope, Turkey, which is one of the first countries to initiate the “Safe Tourism Certificate” implementation, inspects every touristic step in accordance with international standards and within the framework of sensitive criteria. All necessary actions have been taken to provide perfect experience and hygiene services by reviewing all processes within the scope of Covid-19 measures. Thanks to the measures taken, have been provided all guests spend their holiday safely in Turkey with its unique history, nature and culture.