Anatolity Collection

Anatolity Collection



A culture and tourism project focusing on the sustainable one, which will represent Turkey in a completely different platform in the world, which has adopted as a principle to maintain and blend Anatolia's taste, smell, touch, sound, history, architecture, geography, art, philosophy with mansions, inns, ancient cities, creativity, productivity, educated people and local cultures...


Anatolity SKTV is a social responsibility project which brings together the people who believe in Turkey's soft power in the field of culture and tourism.
A foundation which set off with the target of creating unique, awareness-creating and sustainable culture and tourism concept based on Turkey's history, geography, culture, and unique wealth it has, and offering it to the world as Turkey’s soft power.
Its most important goal is to ensure that the richness, hospitality and productivity of Anatolia are transformed into a universal brand by preserving the nature, texture, and culture of the region where it operates and that its products and handicrafts meet with the masses in various ways.

In this direction, our missions are;

→ To make the tourism and cultural values which have not yet reached the masses in Turkey accessible and sustainable.
→ To further strengthen the brand of Turkey with its culture, flavor, geography, history, and tourism.
→ To create economic development in the regions it operates.
→ To raise awareness and provide education to protect the ecological
balance in the regions where it operates.
→ To create education and new job opportunities for young people
without migrating, for women without leaving their homes, and to
increase the qualified workforce.
→ To enable new talents in the field of culture and tourism to be
discovered and enter the relevant national and international circles.
→ To assist in the protection of cultural heritage and natural values of Turkey and its development in these areas.
→ To be one of the pioneers on the subjects such as eco-tourism, environment, rural tourism, health and child tourism that the world values.
→ To integrate into the world by making them come, not by going to them.
→ To offer Turkey’s values to the world in the form of sales and marketing,
through a platform that was created with the right and strong strategy
→ To contribute to strengthening and branding of Turkey with its soft power.