Turn Back

Have your breakfast consisting of local products at Baksi Guest House in the morning against a splendid view. Then visit Baksi Museum to see unique pieces of art.

Taste delicious Keshkek soup and then Galacos İn Bayburt city center for lunch. Complete your lunch with exquisite Milk Pastry dessert.

Visit Bayburt Castle and Korgan Bridge after lunch. You should certainly see the architecture of Bayburt Grand Mosque. If you like caves and find them interesting, we have two recommendations for you. You will be amazed to see inside Ice Cave. Furthermore, you will be fascinated to see inside Cimagil Cave. Then, visit Aydintepe underground city and witness history. Have your dinner at Aydintepe highland and enjoy beauty of nature…

Begin your day doing Rafting in Coruh River early in the morning.

The visit Sirakayalar Waterfalls to see its matchless beauty and nature.

You should also visit the tomb of Korkut Ata, and see the Dome of Dede Korkut. Then see the Civisiz Mosque which has a significant place in history of islam. If you want to have an adventure, we recommend you visit the Soganli Pass. An amazing landscape, scent of flowers and adventurous paths will be waiting for you.   Then you will have to go to the city center; because we are quite sure that you will want to taste 100% natural honey collected from rural areas including Kackar Mountains, Soganli Mountains, Mescitli Mountains, and Kop Mountains.