Alaçatı, which is a district of Çeşme İzmir, has a coast on the Aegean Sea. It is famous for its historical stone houses and long beaches suitable for wind surfing thanks to its location being exposed to wind 360 days a year. The stone caused the town to develop excessively in recent years.

Alaçatı, which is one of the most important holiday destinations of Aegean Region, shelters numerous entertainment venues and hotels in a 704 km2 area.

The name of Alaçatı was Agrillia in the ancient period. The name Alaçatı comes from an Ottoman tribe named 'Alacaat'. Rums and Turks were living together in Alaçatı during the Ottoman period. It was difficult to pronounce 'Alacaat' in Romaic, thus it changed in time and took its current name Alaçatı.