Anatolity Collection

Anatolity Collection

About Us

Two people who dedicated themselves to the representation of Turkey and put their hearts into this aim in each work they did, throughout their lives...

The present dream of both is to work to contribute to a strong and diversified representation of Turkey, bringing together all their past knowledge, know-how, relations, and experiences.
To be instrumental in providing education, especially for young people and women, following the demands of the new era and the future, to create new job opportunities and areas, to facilitate the transfer of local power and talents to an international platform with a universal language.
To protect the past and nature of the regions where they exist hand to introduce them to the world...
And to fulfill all these with valuable and powerful people who believe in Turkey's value just like them, whose wealth is their wisdom and know-how.


The editor-in-chief of the CosmopolitanTurkey magazine and Kelebek newspaper. Columnist, lecturer, The founder of, Turkey's first content provider portal. Producer of the programs and movies like Ice Cream I Scream, which has been the nominee for the Academy Awards on behalf of Turkey... Storyteller.
With her works and the projects she supported, directly or indirectly, one of her main objectives has always been the accurate and powerful representation of Turkey. She positioned herself as the pioneer, creator, and mediator of culture and art, which is Turkey's soft power, and of new technologies and life


The creator of Magic Life hotels and many concepts related to hospitality ... A tourism professional who found the "all-inclusive" system and made it globally known with the right answers to the needs of the time... A futuristic tourism guru, who sees the future from now and creates living trends accordingly.
As one of the world's most famous and prestigious tourism professionals, he always held Turkey, being a Turk and Turkish business partner in the foreground, in all his works and communication abroad. No matter where he lived, he believed in Turkey’s power and he acted as a voluntary ambassador to make people see it as he did as well.