Sip your Turkish tea with a rich breakfast in the morning smelling fresh air of the steppe in Konya. Visit Mevlana Museum. Then, keep being overwhelmed with historical beauties; visit Konya Panorama Museum, Ince Minare Madrassah and Karatay Madrassah. Have some famous Etli Ekmek of Konya for lunch. After lunch, visit the ruins of Alaaddin Mosque and Seljukian Palace on top of Alaaddin Hill. Visit Konya Archaeological Museum and Tropical Butterfly Garden. Go to Sille village where Anatolian Orthodox Christians lived once and visit Eleni Church Museum. Have some rest in Meram Vineyards. Eat some Firin Kabab for dinner and go to Mevlana Cultural Center to attend Sema Ceremonies. Finish your day having found peace with mystical music.
Go to Neolithic Ancient City of Catalhoyuk early in the morning to witness thousands of years of history in this splendid site. Go to Kilistra and breathe the air of this ancient city with its settlement similar to fairy chimneys. The go to Beysehir to discover the unmatched nature and historical beauties around Beysehir Lake. Go to Aksehir, the district considered to the center of the world-renowned Turkish humorist Nasreddin Hodja. Visit Nasreddin Hodja’s grave. Go to Gulmece Park decorated with statues depicting Nasreddin Hodja’s funny jokes. Walk through historical Aksehir houses to reach historical Nasreddin Hodja Archaeological and Ethnography Museum. At the end of the day, do not forget to get some souvenirs of Mevlevi culture and delicious candies of Konya.