You should begin your day in Kastamonu with a breakfast consisting of local tastes. After getting required energy at the breakfast you can visit Republic Square, Kastamonu Government Office and City History Museum; climb over Clock Tower to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. You should visit Nasrullah Social Complex and Munire Madrassah, Handcrafts Bazaar, Snake Social Complex, Liva Pasa Mansion Ethnography Museum. Now you deserve a pleasant lunch. After a delicious lunch in one of the mansions serving local cuisine you can visit the Archaeological Museum, Kastamonu Castle, Evkaya Mezarlari (Rock Tombs) and Architect Vedat Tek Culture and Art Center, and then finish your day with a tour in Ismail Bey Social Complex and Handcrafts Bazaar.
Kure Mountains and Kastamonu coastline are waiting for you on your second day. Start off early in the morning for Kure Mountains. Here you can go on trekking in Ersizlerdere Canyon. We recommend you to have breakfast in the company of Canyon view and taste Ecevit Soup. After visiting Aksemseddin Mosque and other historical places in Kure, you can depart for Inebolu. Here, red Inebolu Houses colored with ocher are waiting for you. Then you will feel very good to enjoy your coffee under a 600-year-old plane tree in Beldegirmeni Village. You can then go to Catalzeytin to see the splendid view bringing green and blue together. After visiting Ginolu Castel and beach, you can pass through the shadow of Yaraligoz Mountain, the highest point of Kure Mountains, you can depart for Kastamonu city center.